The Mascots

The eager readers among you may notice the JD logo in the top left left hand corner on every page and be wondering what that’s all about? The earlier readers out there who have been following me from the early days when my blog looked completely different may even remember the young 18 year old girl called Arisu who used to grace the site and be wondering where’s she gotten to? So a brief background first πŸ™‚ When I started Japandaman Dailies towards its current format as being a Japanese pop culture site reporting in things that interest myself and therefore the readers, I thought it’d be cool if I could have a mascot like some other sites have. I thought it would make the site look more professional and I also thought having a mascot would be nice to have around. Well, enter Arisu into the picture! Arisu is an 18 year old girl with a love of life and always smiling as she plays with her fan performing tricks. Her name came to me when I was researching names and means Alice and noble child which perfectly sums her up I thought. While having her around was great, I thought something was missing and that she needed a play companion. I had been looking into Japanese Raccoon dogs around the same time so I figured to give her a cuddly, curious dog to play around with πŸ™‚ And therefore Kendo, the Japanese Raccoon dog was born πŸ™‚

After making the change in visual styles with the site, Arisu suddenly didn’t have a home anymore as I just didn’t have room for her πŸ™ The new theme didn’t really lend itself well to Arisu’s proportions unfortunately. However Kendo was more than suited to the new site as the Kendo silhouette fit perfectly in its new home. I still have future plans for Arisu but for now I’ve decided that she’s just too darn cute to have sitting on the side and decided to make this new page so everyone can appreciate how cute she is! Now, I wouldn’t even be in this position without the aid of some amazing skills as I didn’t draw any of pics below and don’t have any drawing abilities apart from stick figures πŸ™ The artist in question is my friend Stephanie who puts up with my endless requests for new poses and endless requests for anything visual artistically related so Thank You!

So enjoy the gallery below which shows the creation of Arisu and the various and many revisions and changes along the way. No doubt this gallery will continue to grow and stay tuned for the many plans I have in store for both Arisu and Kendo.