One of our favourite times has rolled around's time for Japanese commercials straight from Japan thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD! What do we have this time? Hatsune Miku, Y! Mobile, Katy Perry, Pocky (and idols), Princess Connect mobile game and loads more. Check them out below and let us know if you have any favourites!
It's that awesome time again when we take a look at the current batch of commercials doing the rounds on Japanese TV. Is anyone else as fascinated by these commercials as much as I am? I just love the hugely different marketing techniques that they use in Japan as opposed to commercials back here in Australia :) Here's a quick run down of what you...
It's that time again...fresh and brand new TV commercials straight from Japan courtesy of YouTuber, JPCMHD! Chocolate treats, mobile games, Ayumi Hamasaki in a Clash of Queens ad, Snickers, GANTZ: 0, vitamin drink and a whole lot more. Check out the fun stuff below!
Yes, yes, yes!! It's time for some new TV commercials straight and fresh outta Japan! Berry gummies, Meiji cuteness, UFO's and ramen, mobile games, Yakult goodness, an awesome looking mobile game with dragons plus heaps more cool stuff to feast your eyes on!
It's time for my new favourite segment...Japanese commercials straight from YouTuber JPCMHD. More fun from Kirin, Baskin Robbins, Konami Sports Club, Asahi soft drinks, KPP 5th Anniversary, Square Enix and loads more. Check them out below!
Time for our new favourite segment...Japanese TV commercial time!! As usual, thanks to YouTuber JPCMHD for the clip. Crazy fruit drink goodness from Kirin, Hotto Motto, intergalactic noodles to the rescue, Ghostbusters inspired ad and loads more zany commercials straight from Japan. Check them out below!
Time for my new favourite segment...the latest batch of cool, different, interesting and quirky commercials have hit the interwebs thanks to YouTube channel, JPCMHD. The opening Kirin commercial is downright sexy and eye opening! More mobile games, SoyJoy Crispy, the SoftBank pooches are back in a new commercial, feet rejuvenation and loads more. Have a look below!
Time for our new popular segment, crazy TV commercials from Japan. This time there's noodles in a can, everyone's favourite snack Pocky, Hi-Chew, moist towelettes (!), Star Ocean and loads more! Thanks to youtube channel, JPCMHD.
Time for another instalment of current Japanese TV commercials from YouTuber, JPCMHD. I really cannot get tired of this channel and look forward to each update. This time around there's ads from Calpis, a Star Wars inspired Kirin ad, a Dragon Quest mobile game and loads more!! Check them out below.