We've previously looked at the top 10 yuri anime so it's only fair that we dedicate some attention to the yaoi, or boy love, genre as well. So here in particular order are the ones that tickled our fancy :) Ikoku Irokoi Romantan https://youtu.be/XIHJ6C_XVRQ Koisuru Boukun https://youtu.be/m9pHRKqvxc4 Kirepapa https://youtu.be/sm7BUSTRf6E Sensitive Pornograph https://youtu.be/rydreGFmqXw Love Stage https://youtu.be/wb_7LK7FgHQ Tight-Rope https://youtu.be/sj3FmgtRSXM Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku https://youtu.be/E696SRFFwM8 Saigo no Door wo...
Atlus have released new videos on their YouTube channel with trailers and clips for their upcoming foray into PS Vita territory, Persona 4 The Golden. Not much more to add to that apart from check out vids below! Mini PV
In order to better prepare the Nintendo masses and really start the hype machine (as if it needed it), 3 new trailers have been released for the upcoming, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Check them out below, it's looking great!! There's even a video that acts as a tutorial for using your sword, nifty :)
At the Gamescom event in Germany, Sony have revealed some more info on the new games that the PS Vita will be receiving as exclusives. First up we have Resisteance: Burning Skies which looks set to continue the itchy trigger finger series on the new handheld. Placing the story in 1951 on Ellis Island, New York means the story will be taking place before the...
Developer of upcoming 3rd person shooter Black Rock Shooter on the Sony PSP, Imageepoch,have released a couple more videos outlining the awesome gameplay and configuration options available to the player. I cannot believe to tell you how great this game is looking...will definitely be importing this one when it's released!