Halloween in Japan is going down and it’s jumped in popularity over the past handful of years where it used draw the attention of a few hundred to well over 100,000 in Tokyo. So if you happen to be in Japan right now and are wondering where to go to see the Halloween sights for 2017, then look no further, we have you covered. 1. Shibuya...
The Nintendo Switch has been out and selling for a few months now but even in its native Japan, people are still clamouring to buy one with thousands of people queueing for only a few hundred available in stores. Don't believe me? Check out these pics from Tokyo and Osaka where not hundreds but thousands braved the Japanese Summer (read: hot and humid) for 250...
A view from another part of Tokyo, it's Kabukicho! It's actually part of Shinjuku and is known as the entertainment and red light district of the area. There are many host and hostess clubs, shops, restaurants, clubs and heaps more entertainment to discover. https://youtu.be/vGyNeKPFI0Y
Ever wondered just how busy a street crossing can get? Especially one of the most heavily used street crossings such as the famous Scramble Street crossing in Shibuya? You can see what goes down using the handy web cam below! https://youtu.be/_9pavMzUY-c
Miss Hokusai is an absolutely beautiful slice of life drama from the 19th Century set during the Edo Period in what would come to be known as Tokyo. Production I.G have done a stellar job with this anime adaptation and crafted something quite beautiful with exquisite storytelling, music that captures the very essence of the time and artwork that is up with some of the...
And so the trip comes to an end :( But on our last day, we head to Gotanda to pay a visit to Culture Japan to pick up some new clothes and other bits and pieces for our Mirai Smartdoll. I then get all nostalgic and thank everyone for watching the J-Vlog and for sticking with me for the ride...yadda yadda yadda :) THANKS TO...
After a relaxing 2 days soaking ourselves in an onsen, we zoom back to Tokyo courtesy of the shinkansen. No time to relax though as with 2 days to go in Japan, it's all down to the shopping! We hit Harajuku first before getting some dinner in Shibuya followed by shopping then some dessert :) https://youtu.be/oGriN5yTIrk
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Apologies for the lateness with this update but January 1st was a big day of rest...so much so that I didn't start editing this until late at night! This vlog update shows us going back to Shibuya to check out a New Year's Eve version of Hachiko who had a little friend on for show and then we head back to...
We needed a K-Pop fix and the place to go to in Tokyo is Shin Okubo or Korea Town (Little Korea). We checked out many stores and bought heaps of K-Pop merch before heading to Tokyo Station to find character street, a cool section of the station with stores dedicated to popular anime, manga and TV characters! https://youtu.be/98i5AQVDFRo