Our favourite videographers, Rescue The Princess, are at it again, this time giving the rest of the world a look at Halloween time in Japan! And as usual, there's many cool sights with loads of interesting people, cosplays and just general shenanigans. This was filmed at the street party in Shibuya which I need to get to one year :) https://youtu.be/8ce2Dl9K76I
Halloween in Japan is going down and it’s jumped in popularity over the past handful of years where it used draw the attention of a few hundred to well over 100,000 in Tokyo. So if you happen to be in Japan right now and are wondering where to go to see the Halloween sights for 2017, then look no further, we have you covered. 1. Shibuya...
One of our favourite times has rolled around again...it's time for Japanese commercials straight from Japan thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD! What do we have this time? Hatsune Miku, Y! Mobile, Katy Perry, Pocky (and idols), Princess Connect mobile game and loads more. Check them out below and let us know if you have any favourites! https://youtu.be/N08NRyZjJME
Ever wondered just how busy a street crossing can get? Especially one of the most heavily used street crossings such as the famous Scramble Street crossing in Shibuya? You can see what goes down using the handy web cam below! https://youtu.be/_9pavMzUY-c
After a relaxing 2 days soaking ourselves in an onsen, we zoom back to Tokyo courtesy of the shinkansen. No time to relax though as with 2 days to go in Japan, it's all down to the shopping! We hit Harajuku first before getting some dinner in Shibuya followed by shopping then some dessert :) https://youtu.be/oGriN5yTIrk
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Apologies for the lateness with this update but January 1st was a big day of rest...so much so that I didn't start editing this until late at night! This vlog update shows us going back to Shibuya to check out a New Year's Eve version of Hachiko who had a little friend on for show and then we head back to...
Sorry for the lateness in this vlog...much sleep was needed. This is from Xmas Day where we went to Shibuya to say hello to Hachiko, the loyal canine, do some shopping and just have a look around and be gobsmacked at the awesomeness that is Shibuya. Then at night, we went to Roppongi Hills to check out the Illuminations spectacle (it's so pretty!) https://youtu.be/IpJn0AaETPQ
Tokyo Fashion have been busy in Shibuya covering the recent three day street party Halloween event in Shibuya which saw the streets get closed and thousands of Halloween cosplayers take to the streets and just have a great time. There's some amazing cosplays in these clips and some very cute and funny ones too. One thing that Japan does very well is take things to the...
Gaming bars, cafes and restaurants seem to pop up everywhere in Japan with the more recent one being the Square Enix cafe in Akihabara. Today we hear that a brand new one has opened just after the release of a new game in the series. That game is Persona 5 and the new Persona cafe has just newly opened in downtown Shibuya. Both Final Fantasy XV...
Idols, J-Pop, Mirage Masters and Japanese locales, this game is on the fast track to becoming my favourite Wii U game so far. Let me tell you why. Developer Atlus have crafted something really special in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, splicing and skilfully blending two fan favourite series’ with Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. The end result is something that shouldn’t work as well as...