In keeping with the current matcha theme that's active in Japan, Mister Donut is jumping into the fray with their offering of matcha goodness products and yummy things to eat!   [caption id="attachment_21360" align="alignnone" width="993"] Mister Donut collaboration with Gion Tsujiri, a tea company.[/caption] How good does that donut look? Gion Tsujiri is a green tea specialist from Kyoto who have been around for over 150...
After a very hectic first four days in Japan, we turn it down a notch and just stick to our local neighbourhood of Asakusa. We started off the day by having breakfast at Mister Donut at midday, paid a visit to the Asakusa Tourist Information Centre and then had a stroll down the Senso-Ji marketplace before reading our fortunes then checking out the local gardens...
I came across this fantastic channel on YouTube where user JPCMHD has collated in one handy place, the best of the current batch of commercials airing on Japanese TV right now. From Streetfighter V (HADOKEN!), Mister Donut (drool...), Universal Studios Japan (dinosaurs!!) and loads more. I guarantee after you watch this, you'll be wanting to book flights over there.