I recently showed what Summer in Akihabara looks like, now the focus turns to another popular tourist destination, Shinjuku. Courtesy of Danny Choo, Otaku blogger based in Japan, we can see what these amazing areas look like. Here's another great stop for Otakus to check out, there's talk that Shinjuku is becoming the new Akihabara, we'll se how that pans out. [AFG_gallery id='135']
Danny Choo, Otaku blogger based in Japan, has just posted some pics of a hot and sweaty Summer from Ground Zero for all things Otaku in Japan, Akihabara. Akihabara looks great as it always does and as someone who has been to Japan during the Summer season...it's unbelievably hot! [AFG_gallery id='134'] Source: Danny Choo
In a bit of sudden news, Project Sora has closed its development doors for good in Japan. Accessing their site simply shows a page advising visitors that the developer was closed on the 30th of June and the website will follow on July 31. Project Sora was started by Masahiro Sakurai in 2009 with some capital from Nintendo, Sakurai's own Sora Studios and a few other...
Some amazing pics of rice paddy plantations in Japan. What makes this so special is this is how you grow rice in Japan, by turning it into a piece of art with meticulous planning and mathematical precision. Looks pretty ordinary and innocent, right? Wait!! What's that coming up?? Holy cow!! A bit more time... Lookit! Amazing!! Pwoar!! How amazing is this looking?!? Nearly finished but...
Some amazing Japanese graphic artwork was recently brought to my attention that I thought needed to be shared with everyone else. The images below come from the 1920's and 30's during a time when Japan looked at new ways and techniques of graphic design which was running rampant through the nation. The gallery below of 40+ images show exactly what Japan was promoting, visualising and...
Gorgeous pics of some Sakura or Cherry Blossoms, in bloom now in Japan, found on Tokyo Street View. I'll let the pics do the talking, anyone who hasn't seen these beautiful trees in bloom needs to do so and tick it off their bucket list, they're amazing. [AFG_gallery id='75']
Sony recently thew their muscle behind an event held in Shibuya, Japan yesterday. Called the World Game Project Festival, it was the second time this has been run by Sony and by all accounts was a success with people queuing up to play both Journey and Lord of the Rings. The event is held to attract interest to Japanese developers to try some game titles that...
Feast your eyes on these beautiful pouches used to carry and protect your 3DS which are available through the Japanese Club Nintendo site for a measly 250 points each, bargain and they look hot. I checked the Australian Club Nintendo, no dice and I'd be surprised if we did get them to be honest. But if you have a Japanese friend with points and they...
Figures have started to come in from Japan regarding hardware sales for 2011 and surprise, surprise...the Nintendo 3DS came out on top. It's nearest competitor, the Sony PSP, was lagging by a substantial amount behind the handheld powerhouse from Kyoto based gaming giant. It managed to break through the 4 million units sold barrier in Japan, no easy feat for any console. Let's not forget the impressive...
Great piece of reporting from My Nintendo News who show that the 3DS outsold the PS Vita in Japan with 367,691 units to 324,859 units respectively. Also, on the current top ten games sold, seven belong to Nintendo platforms...absolutely outstanding! Japanese software chart 01./00. [PS3] Final Fantasy XIII-2 #(Square Enix) {2011.12.15} (¥7.980) – 524.217 / NEW 02./01. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G #(Capcom) {2011.12.10} (¥5.800) – 208.427 /...