Our favourite cosplay showcasers, Rescue The Princess, are at it again, this time bringing us a peek and the cosplay fun that went down at the TGS '17. This time they also give us a peek into some of the amazing booths from TGS in particular, the Monster Hunter booth looked amazing with an amazing set up and attendants all decked out in some pretty...
Time for that segment we all know and love...new TV commercials straight from Japan. Well, specifically from YouTuber JPCMHD! I've given up giving each update a volume number as I'd run out of numbers! Anyways, this time around we have a fresh batch of ads for mobile games, amusement park Fuji Q Highlands, J-Pop, TownWORK, Monster Hunter and loads more, enjoy! https://youtu.be/UpJ5C5p5ydI
Time for a late Flashback Friday update! One part I was always worried about before our first visit to Japan was navigating the public transport system. It does help that there's a lot of English to help the tourists but just in case you still think it can't be that easy, here's a little video diary update that was filmed a few years ago. https://youtu.be/Ho37Frb35i0
I thought I'd do something new for Friday so I'm starting Flashback Fridays!! Here's a look at a clip from our last Japan trip when we visited Winter Comiket which is a massive attraction for cosplayers along with people selling their original manga at Tokyo Big Sight. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/yQnL5HPdW_4
Time for a Gamer Girl update and it's the return of a Japandaman favourite. Jazz was the first Gamer Girl we featured and now she makes a welcome return! Just in case you missed her the first time we featured her, here's a look at that. Apart from being a Playstation gamer, having some amazingly awesome tatts, loving Japan and Star Wars, today (May the...
A view from another part of Tokyo, it's Kabukicho! It's actually part of Shinjuku and is known as the entertainment and red light district of the area. There are many host and hostess clubs, shops, restaurants, clubs and heaps more entertainment to discover. https://youtu.be/vGyNeKPFI0Y
Ever wondered just how busy a street crossing can get? Especially one of the most heavily used street crossings such as the famous Scramble Street crossing in Shibuya? You can see what goes down using the handy web cam below! https://youtu.be/_9pavMzUY-c
Yes, it's the 03/03/17 and while that may seem like just another date, it's also the launch day for Nintendo's latest home console, the Nintendo Switch! I was lucky enough to attend the launch in Melbourne which took place at Federation Square which was attended by many Nintendo fans eager to get their hands on the new console at the stroke of midnight. There was...
And so the trip comes to an end :( But on our last day, we head to Gotanda to pay a visit to Culture Japan to pick up some new clothes and other bits and pieces for our Mirai Smartdoll. I then get all nostalgic and thank everyone for watching the J-Vlog and for sticking with me for the ride...yadda yadda yadda :) THANKS TO...