Just ahead of the launch for the 3DCG movie Gantz: O, Japanese publication Young Jump issue 46 have released the fruits of a recent cosplay photoshoot. The shoot was with M.A.O. who’s the voice of Anzu Yamazaki and Ayana Takeda, a gravure idol, who features in the trademark black suits as seen in the series.Read More →

Vera Chimera is an amazing, versatile cosplayer from Sydney, Australia and she’s also our Cosplayer Of The Month for October 2016! Here’s some info from her website about her: Vera Chimera is an international cosplay ambassador residing from Sydney, Australia. A quirky and talented costume designer, prop builder, panelist, and event host,Read More →

There’s no other name for these following cosplay transformations from cosplayer, Alyson Tabbitha. She’s pulled off some stunning cosplays as you can see from the gif below, before and after. An amazing change from Alyson into Final Fantasy XIII’s, Lightning: Some pirate shenanigans as well: And some Edward Scissorhands too!Read More →

SMASH! have just announced their 3rd special guest for this year’s event and it’s an amazing cosplayer. None other than Yuegene Fay! Here’s the official press release from SMASH! For fans of geek and pop-culture, cosplay fever is returning to SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show in spectacular style. SMASH!Read More →

SMASH! 2016 is getting closer and closer and we’ve just heard the exciting news of a second guest being confirmed. Japanese voice actress AI NONAKA has been confirmed as attending SMASH! this year. I’ve included all the important information below straight from the press release. Sydney, NSW, June 6th, 2016 —Read More →