Tokyo Game Show always puts on a great show for attendees with amazing games, stunning booths and just loads to see and do. Another part of the show that is always full of people is the merchandise hall. Here you can buy some sweet merch that you just can't get anywhere else and it's very easy to drop a few hundred dollars in there. Let's...
Cospa are a busy company cranking out cosplay apparel and similar goods and their latest is no exception. They've begun to take orders for their new Kill la Kill t shirts and you'll need to choose a side: Nudist beach or Revocs. [gallery ids="13829,13830,13831"] These will be coming to Japan in April and will retail for ¥3, 045 each.
Cosplay clothing manufacturer, Cospa, have revealed the awesome Sonic apparel they're going to have for sale in the merchandising area for Tokyo Game Show and yes, you'll need to pick up your jaw off of the floor. The t shirts in particular are amazing! [AFG_gallery id='326'] Anything catch your eye?
Cospa is a hugely popular and very well-known manufacturer of cosplay clothing in Japan and there's no better place to showcase their latest offerings than at Tokyo Game Show. Cospa will have a booth at TGS where they'll be focusing on presenting their latest entry from the hit anime, Attack on Titan. So far they look like having polo tops, jerseys, windbreakers as well as...
Cosplay merchandise company, Cospa, have shown off what they're going to be releasing for the Summer time in Japan. Helped along by the release of Ghost in the Shell: Arise in cinemas, Cospa will be releasing some GITS merchandise to mark the occasion. Some of the merchandise has been release before however some of it is completely new and will debuting this year. [AFG_gallery id='282']...
You're an Otaku and you're about to have some dinner company and you want to look like you're the real deal? Look no further than these fancy decorative plates from anime merchandise company, Cospa. [AFG_gallery id='270'] They'll be releasing Haganai plates featuring Sena Kashiwazaki, Kobato Hasegawa and Yozora Mikazuki which will set you back ¥1,050 each for the 16cm plates. Check out the serving suggestions on the plates,...