Welcome to the Japandaman Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale movie review. If you're wondering why I'm announcing the review in this manner, something I've never done before, it's because this is a special joint review which is also a first for Japandaman.com. The film will be reviewed by Japandaman and our latest team member, anime writer Farrah! Japandaman Review Sword Art Online The Movie:...
The latest Sword Art Online feature film is nearly upon us but until then, here's a new release from Madman and Aniplex for anyone craving a walk through the early days of the SAO storyline. The events in this offering fall after season one but before season two and the GGO story arc and everything else that followed. It's basically broken up into three different...
A-1 Pictures, the producers of SAO II, released pics of a snazzy new fragrance today. They tweeted some pics of the Asuna, Kirito and Sinon bottles.   [caption id="attachment_15243" align="alignnone" width="640"] Unisex fragrance. It has green apple, apricot and lime above Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, grapefruit and a musk and brandy base.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_15244" align="alignnone" width="640"] It has a mature scene of marin citrus and herbs.[/caption]...
The Tokyo Anime Centre in the UDX building, Akihabara is currently hosting a Sword Art Online exhibition from October 15 through to the 26th. And one of the items being sold at the event are bed sheets manufactured by Genco featuring Kirito from SAO II. However fans who missed the opening of the show were left disappointed when they found out that the bedsheets sold...
Haruka Tomatsu is a Japanese voice actress and singer, she's also the voice behind Asuna on Sword Art Online. She's currently making a debut of sorts by starring in a commercial for Furuta candy which you can check out below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEql12Gp62U Anyone else think she sounds so kawaii? :)
Sword Art Online 2 has recently kicked off and the new merchandise has begun to roll out. First up we have Gun Gale Online Kirito bedsheets courtesy of Genco. The bedsheets will also be showcased at the upcoming, Comiket 86.  Another awesome bit of apparel, from Kadokawa, are the hug pillows, or dakimakura, featuring Asuna, and more importantly, Sinon, the ice cool sniper. [gallery ids="14815,14816"]
Fans of Sword Art Online will love this next figure. Good Smile Company and Max Factory have put out a figure based on Asuna in her captured birdcage stage from the second story arc in SAO. Titania, as she was called by the manic Fairy King Oberon, is a stunning 1/7th scale statue with amazing detail. [gallery ids="14002,14003,14004,14005,14006,14007"] Here's some essential information on the figure: Product...
Figure manufacturer, Kotobukiya, have announced a rough release schedule for their amazing figure of SAO's Asuna which is the Fairy Dance version. We now know that they plan to release her in July of this year but  no firm exact date as yet. How amazing is this 22cm tall figure retailing for ¥10, 750? Check out the cool pics below. [gallery ids="13874,13875,13876,13877,13878,13879,13880"]  
Exciting fighting arcade game, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, has just had a fan favourite added to its roster. Kirito from hugely popular anime, Sword Art Online, has been added as a playable character to the arcade game. Sword moves such as Dark Repulser, Elucidator plus more will be included in the game. He'll also be able to dual wield his weapons, he joins previously added SOA character,...