It's that time again where we like to give stuff away and this time, to celebrate the release of Season 2 of Attack On Titan on AnimeLab, we have a copy of Attack On Titan Season 1 Collection on blu-ray. Thanks to the awesome peeps at Madman, some lucky person out there could soon have this awesome prize in their collection. The blu-ray comes loaded...
One of the most watched and popular anime series would have to be Attack On Titan. The first season generated a massive fanbase and many a cosplay meet up. It's been a long wait for the second season of AOT but the wait is nearly over and thanks to this newly released trailer from Japan, the wait becomes that bit more bearable. https://youtu.be/VKhHPmAMGN8
I've said this before but Japan LOVES their collaborations. Whether it's anime x with a fast food outlet or something along those lines, there's always something new coming out. Recently we heard of a new collaboration between the hit series, Attack On Titan, and Araiguma Rascal/Rascal the Raccoon, a popular and long running series on Japanese TV. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Rascal the...
We briefly mentioned the arcade game of hugely popular series, Attack On Titan, making an appearance at a recent trade show but we've only seen recently is the amazing control system the game features. In a show of making you feel really immersed in the game, the controller is in a fact a dual controller system not unlike the 3D Manoeuvre Gear that's featured in...
I'm a pretty big fan of Attack on Titan as a series. I've watched the anime and can't wait for the 2nd season and also read quite a bit of the manga. The live action movies were hit and miss for me but to each their own, right? Anyways, while we wait for the second season the good folks over at Koei Tecmo have been...
I was lucky enough to see some footage of the upcoming Attack on Titan game at Tokyo Game Show 2015 and it looked phenomenal. Now Japanese publication, Famitsu have provided fans with a juicy update in the latest issue. A couple of names have been added to the list of characters added to the game's roster. Hanji and fan favourite, Levi will be making an appearance...
Just to prove that cosplay isn't just for humans, here's an adorable kitty that was spotted in Taiwan sporting some Attack on Titan cosplay. It was all in aid of the live action AoT movie which recently had its premiere in Taiwan so the local distributors of the movie put together this little promotional event. The cat, 鱈魚子Mini, was dressed as Captain Levi from the Survey...