One of our favourite times has rolled around's time for Japanese commercials straight from Japan thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD! What do we have this time? Hatsune Miku, Y! Mobile, Katy Perry, Pocky (and idols), Princess Connect mobile game and loads more. Check them out below and let us know if you have any favourites!
Time for a fresh round of TV commercials straight from Japan to you! As always, thanks to YouTuber JPCMHD for the upload! Pocky, Pocari Sweat, Mints, cup noodles, energy drink Dekavita with Nintendo characters, mobile games and more all featured in this round of ads.
Time for a fresh batch of commercials hot off the presses from Japan. In a country where advertising is everything, manufacturers need to do something to stand out from their competitors. These new commercials show just how they manage to do that. There's a massive variety in this edition so be sure to take a look. Thanks again to YouTuber JPCMHD for compiling these ads!...
YouTuber JPCMHD is back with a brand new selection of Japanese TV commercials to check out. But apart from the usual awesomeness that's put together, this time he's also selected the 36 beautiful ladies that feature in these commercials. Everything from cosmetics, salad dressing, fruit drinks, ice cream, eye wear, Meiji products and loads more. Catch them all below!
Been a while since I've done one of these but it's time for a fresh batch of TV commercials straight from Japan! Pocky, ramen in a cup, J-Pop songstress Ayumi Hamasaki in a ad for Clash of Queens, a mobile game, am amazing ad for Pocari Sweat, crazy Playstation VR commercial, Y! Mobile with cute cats and loads more. Check out the video, courtesy of...
Time for another look at the awesomely wacky commercials from Japan courtesy of YouTuber, JPCMHD! This time we have a great selection ranging from breakdancing Geishas, Pepsi Strong commercial with Jude Law (WTF?), Calbee snacks, J-Pop debut group Ciao Bella Cinquetti, more Softbank canine shenanigans, a lip crayon ad featuring J-Pop idol Kanna Hashimoto plus loads more. Catch all the fun below!
Is it time for a new batch of awesome Japanese TV commercials? I think it might!! Straight off, we have a cute TV spot for Y! Mobile with samurai cats, digestive help, Sea Paradise, Softbank, Morinaga sweet treats, Jude Law selling strong Pepsi, Kyary in a an for Nisshinbo, pandas and loads more. It's all in there courtesy of YouTuber, JPCMHD.
Better late than never, it's time for a fresh batch of cool TV commercials straight from Japan! The J-Pop Princess herself, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is promoting the new range of Sharp TV's, bikini clad girls promoting a mobile game (yeah, I know), a Kill Bill style ad for Dynamite Boat Race, Match soft drink, a swag of mobile games plus heaps more cool stuff! Thanks...
Yes, yes, yes!! It's time for some new TV commercials straight and fresh outta Japan! Berry gummies, Meiji cuteness, UFO's and ramen, mobile games, Yakult goodness, an awesome looking mobile game with dragons plus heaps more cool stuff to feast your eyes on!
It's time for my new favourite segment...Japanese commercials straight from YouTuber JPCMHD. More fun from Kirin, Baskin Robbins, Konami Sports Club, Asahi soft drinks, KPP 5th Anniversary, Square Enix and loads more. Check them out below!