And now it's time for an absolutely endearing commercial for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Showing a young boy's love and passion for Pokemon on the Gameboy and TCG though to life as a young man. But man, this commercial gives serious feels. And I'm seriously not wiping a tear away, you're wiping a tear away... https://www.facebook.com/PokemonXY17Anime/videos/703784376463902/
The latest Pokemon Sun & Moon games release in Australia on November 18 which I really can't wait for but even better, I hear that a new anime based on Pokemon Sun & Moon is in the works. Here's your first look at the new anime which was shown during the Pokemon variety show, Gathering In The Pokemon House? https://youtu.be/zFtyg9G3ewI I don't know what's more...
Here's a look at the opening intro cinematic for Capcom's new entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories. And just like previous MH games, the intro doesn't disappoint as it's fantastic! https://youtu.be/H1IrJ7OkRnU Monster Hunter Stories launches in Japan on October 8, 2016.
Just caught the Nintendo Direct mainly focused around the 3DS and I have to say...the future for the handheld looks great! I don't want to give anything away or spoil it for anyone so check out the full presentation below!
Now here's some tech from nintendo that's just dead sexy. It's a Super Famicom (SNES) themed Nintendo 3DS XL that's going to be released in Japan. Here's a look at the handheld console packaging: スーファミ3DSがきた このわかってる箱!! pic.twitter.com/rq017tFsMB — ツナおにぎり@東サ04a委託 (@tuna_onigiri_gj) August 2, 2016 And now a look at the actual tech itself: スーパーファミコン仕様の受注生産限定3DS届きました☺️ 初代3DSから乗り換えです。 pic.twitter.com/My9MxtMMZ3 — Kosuke Yamada (@petitboys) August 2, 2016   スーファミ3DS届いた可愛い😢💓💓pic.twitter.com/TXsPK50PQP —...
I wrote a piece a little while ago about the Nintendo 3DS game, Great Detective Pikachu, that was being developed. Even better news is that a live action movie adaptation of the game is being produced starting in 2017. There's some heavyweights behind it with distribution being looked after by Universal Studios across the globe and Toho Pictures in Japan. https://youtu.be/Y9j9RWkPstc If you haven't heard of...
I've been playing Monster Hunter since the days of the Sony PSP and yet I've never being able to finish a single game in the series or even come close. I think it's because I get frustrated with the difficulty curve and just end up giving up. I do really love the series but I think I'm more in love with what the series represents:...
I absolutely love playing Taiko Drum games in the arcades in Japan but it's so hard to find here back home. That might be changing soon with the release of Bandai Namco's latest entry in the popular series, Taiko Drum Master: Doko Don! Mystery Adventure  for the Nintendo 3DS. Apart from the usual rhythm based section of the game which is normally what makes up a...