Hey! Pikmin makes a fun-filled, adventurous debut on the Nintendo 3DS in a game that is charming, cutesy and above all else fun. It's Pikmin but not as you know it as the familiar 3/4 overhead perspective is changed to a side scrolling game that sees Captain Olimar crash landing on a planet, meeting and befriending many different types of Pikmin. Anyone familiar to the game...
New commercials have recently hit Japan for the forthcoming Dragon Quest XI. It'd be great to say these ads are for the Australian release but no...it's the Japan release. These ads are only for the Nintendo 3DS and the PS4 release while strangely the Nintendo Switch version is conspicuously absent. Anyways, enjoy the TV spots below. https://youtu.be/BhfIyTOyaow https://youtu.be/xvT5P88WUDE https://youtu.be/tJj8qkyIA94 https://youtu.be/NucpavRWK4s https://youtu.be/QxoB2XNIFgs https://youtu.be/nF-R-PhXmuU https://youtu.be/OvlC8zgZI3k And if...
Intelligent System are onto another winner with the release of the latest entry into the Fire Emblem universe, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia. The game is a remake of an earlier title that was never released outside of Japan until now where it had the title Fire Emblem Gaiden. The game does have an aged appearance to it but this isn't a bad thing...
In case you missed it, there was a recent Nintendo Direct which looked at all things 3DS and Switch that are in development or coming out in the near future and let me tell you, there's so much to be excited about!! For the 3DS, there was Pikmin, Monster Hunter Stories, new Yokai Watch, Miitopia, Fire Emblem Echoes and update on some eagerly awaited Amiibo...
Monster Hunter XX looks set to receive an amazing collaboration for those lucky gamers in Japan or anyone lucky enough to have a Japanese 3DS in their possession. Capcom have recently announced that Sailor Moon, celebrating its 25th anniversary, will be teaming up with the monster hunting series. The team up will consist of DLC that allows you to craft weapons and accessories for your...
Alola, Pokefans and welcome to a brand new Pokemon adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Moon. First things first, this review was written after playing Pokemon Moon and secondly, I hope I do this review justice as there's so much to see and do in this latest Pokemon outing! [gallery ids="19979,19980" columns="2"] There's so many new things, I'm not sure where to start...
Yokai Watch 2 is a game that I wasn't expecting, a game that I honestly thought was going to be a clone of Pokemon. I never got a chance to play the 1st game in the series but I'm so so glad that I gave the sequel an opportunity. This game look, plays and sounds like a dream. Bright and quirky, smooth with an element...
In case you missed it, there was another Nintendo Direct broadcast last night but not for the newly announced Nintendo Switch. This was for the hugely popular monster series, Monster Hunter. Specifically, a new game is headed for the Nintendo 3DS called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and it looks fricking awesome! The game comes wiht may enhancements including new Hunter Styles including the Brave...
Mimikyu is a new Pokemon making his debut in the upcoming Pokemon release, Pokemon Sun & Moon. He's a 7th generation Pokemon that has an interesting, sad background story. What's even cuter/sadder is this Mimikyu song that tells you how sad it is to be a Pikachu imposter *sad face* https://youtu.be/vO_dO3mMboQ The song is “Mimikyu no Uta” which translates to the "Song of Mimikyu".
If you're after a fantastic game loaded to the brim with heaps of funny, exciting and entertaining rhythm mini games, then look no further. Rhythm Paradise Megamix is here and has you covered. The latest entry into the successful rhythm series from Nintendo SPD is the fourth game in the Rhythm Heaven series and is chock loaded with heaps of interesting scenarios and more importantly, great music!...