Say what you will about Nintendo but they are constantly reinventing themselves, being innovative and reinvigorating the games industry. While other companies harp on about teraflops and bigger HDD, Nintendo release hardware like the Wii and the best selling console, the Switch. So in a move that surprised everyone, NintendoRead More →

Great new for Nintendo Switch owners who are also fighting fans with the news that Capcom are bringing Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection to the console. Releasing in May 2018, the game will carry an impressive 12 Street Fighter titles that have made the series one of the most recognisableRead More →

An article on, a Korean gaming journalism site, ran an article that reads: “PC MMORPG; Peria Chronicles, is being developed by ThingSoft and will be released [in Korea] in December.”, also stating that more news is coming in Winter. The article also mentions that ThingSoft will be skipping G-STARRead More →