A-1 Pictures, the producers of SAO II, released pics of a snazzy new fragrance today. They tweeted some pics of the Asuna, Kirito and Sinon bottles.   [caption id="attachment_15243" align="alignnone" width="640"] Unisex fragrance. It has green apple, apricot and lime above Muguet, Rose, Jasmine, grapefruit and a musk and brandy base.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_15244" align="alignnone" width="640"] It has a mature scene of marin citrus and herbs.[/caption]...
Sailor Moon Crystal has only just launched in Japan and around the world via streaming service Crunchyroll and already the first wave of merchandise has hit the streets. Coming straight from Bandai's Premium online store is the  "Sailor Soldier Tiara Ring" pre-order. There are five different styles and have been modelled after the five different tiaras as worn by the characters in the series. There are pink, blue,...
One of the amazing amazing quirky features of Japan would have to be the unique fashion sense. You see this replicated in popular culture in the West as well and in movies. One new fashion trend emerging now is a fusion between otaku elements from anime, manga, gaming plus more with the crazy cool fashion twist from Harajuku. The movement is gaining so much popularity...
Here's a quick peek at some of the pretty cool goodies that are available from the series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Here are some ice trays with mask and sound effects cutouts included. [gallery ids="14613,14614,14615,14616,14617,14618"] JoJo glasses for ¥1080 [gallery ids="14619,14620,14621"] And some amazing JoJo Converse sneakers for ¥11, 800, nice [gallery ids="14622,14623,14624,14625,14626,14627,14628,14629,14630,14631,14632"]
Have you ever wondered how the ladies of Sailor Moon would go if they were lingerie models? No? Just us then. Well, that question can now be answered with a resounding "amazing!" [AFG_gallery id='397'] These stunning illustrations are the work of Chinese artist, SoudWrong, who has also included side characters in her vision. So what do you think? Have any favourites?
Now this is pretty cool. 2PM has this awesome collaboration piece with Attack on Titan resulting in this very cool shoulder bag. The shoulder bag resembles the iconic 3D manoeuvre gear from the hit series and comes with some nice features as well. For a start, it's waterproof and also features an essential hook for your keys on a retractable lead. It measures 40cm so...
Cospa are a busy company cranking out cosplay apparel and similar goods and their latest is no exception. They've begun to take orders for their new Kill la Kill t shirts and you'll need to choose a side: Nudist beach or Revocs. [gallery ids="13829,13830,13831"] These will be coming to Japan in April and will retail for ¥3, 045 each.