I know I am jumping the gun by claiming that this event is the ‘Party of the Year’ in June, but that is exactly how I feel, and really still feeling. MadFest Brisbane 2018 has left the greatest impression on me. It was such an incredible convention that because IRead More →

Late one evening I got extremely frustrated thinking ‘What articles could I possibly come up with for Japandaman?’ I was struggling to find my writing muse and I was somewhat getting tired of reading reviews of the latest anime that hasn’t even been out for three weeks. Already the ‘experts’Read More →

If you are an anime fan there is no doubt that we are living in what I would consider ‘the Golden era’. We are currently living in the time where we are able to access all the latest and greatest anime directly from Japan. Thanks to the wonders of technologyRead More →

I must admit, I found the anime that was offered to us this past anime season to be stale and dry. Not many shows managed to capture my interest and keep me invested throughout the whole series, except one. ‘Kuzu No Honkai’ or otherwise known as ‘Scums Wish’ was withoutRead More →

Japan’s Electronic Explorers Beyond simply witnessing more and more advertising for mobile games, we may start to notice a much larger trend. The fact that the developers of viral game titles, with expensive launches and run-up marketing campaigns, are starting to resemble blockbuster film studios (and also can earn comparablyRead More →