Didn’t need that much CONvincing @CON_fessionals is a hit!

It’s finally here!

The must anticipated Kickstarter project from writer/director Jon Christie ‘CONfessionals’ has released the first web episode online for fans. Now you must be wondering why I am so excited for this particularly web series, it is mainly because we are following the ‘lives’ of some of the best voices in the anime dub industry.

The ‘mockumentary’ follows the lives of well known anime dub voice actors making a name for themselves through conventions. The series follows Rileigh Star (Cherami Leigh) competing against the best voice actor in the game, the very pompous K Mickey Malcolm (J Michael Tatum.) The two voice actors have one goal in mind, to be the very best. We also follow the lives of Rileigh’s twin brother Reese Babbinflock (Bryce Papenbrook) and their very protective bodyguard Jimmy (Jon Christie).

Jon Christie and Cherami Leigh as Jimmy and Rileigh

This project started late last year where Christie posting the idea to the fans on Kickstarter and asking for pledges. The amazing response from fans of the voice actors saw the project get funded and even surpassing the original goal. The series as of this point has been slated for a six episode season.

Bryce Papenbrook as Reece Babbinflock

In the first episode we are introduced to the main characters and its a wonderful set up for all the main characters. The story itself is entertaining and it is fascinating to see the actors play the 360 versions of themselves. The main cast has shown that there is more than just a voice, rather that they are very funny and witty comedic actors. The only flaw I could find with this series was that it was so short and all I wanted was more, but to keep in regulation with web series I can justify and understand the short episode length.

J Michael Tatum as K Mickey Malcolm

Anime dub fans will love listening and picking up on the little homages that the show manages to put in and take the piss out of. It is genuinely funny and if you are a fan of shows such as ‘The Office’ or other mockumentary based shows than this one is definitely not one to be missed. Christie has created a hilarious universe and I look forward to seeing where the story (and the addition of other well known VA’s that are expected to show in in the series) will continue from here.

Brandon McInnis as  Bartholomew

I rate the episode an easy 4.5/5 purely because it was so lighthearted and just witty in their punchline of jokes. It is great to see voice actors take the crap out of their own profession and make it something ridiculously hilarious. Christie should be praised for bringing us this world and the characters and giving it a life.

Cassandra Lee Moris is also featured in the series

So without further ado here is the first episode! We love this show here at Japandaman and look forward to showing it some more love in the future! Make sure you go and show them some love at their YouTube page as well as through their twitter.

CONfessionals Episode One – iCONs 


Fans in Australia will have the chance next month to meet one of the stars of the series, Cherami Leigh at Madman Anime Festival in Brisbane on June 10/11. Make sure you go and check it out if you can!



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