New Figure Segment – Introducing Kat

I’m always looking at ways to help the site grow, look better and introduce new and exciting areas to showcase some awesome Japanese pop culture areas. I recently introduced the Cosplayer Of The Month which has been warmly received so thanks very much to all. Now it’s time for a new segment and this time we’re going to start giving some attention to the amazing world of figures, Figmas, Nendoroids, Dollfies and more! Now just like cosplay, I’m no expert on the subject matter but lucky for me I have someone who is a passionate collector and an avid collector on this subject. It’s time to hand you over to Kat, a Melbourne based collector and a massive expert in this area. Expect to see more of Kat around the site 🙂

To see more of Kat, check out her YouTube channel, Twitter and AU Collectors Facebook page.

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