New Trailer For Live Action Kiki’s Delivery Service

Another animated movie to make the jump to the live action arena is much loved Studio Ghibli classic, Kiki’s Delivery Service. The story revolves around a young witch leaving home when she comes of age and making her own way in the world. She has her black talking cat along for company, Jiji, who is very talkative and gives the movie some of its funniest moments.

A new trailer has just been released for the movie which is looking great despite some fans not being happy with the way Kiki has been portrayed in the movie with regards to her wardrobe. Have a look at the latest trailer below and see what you think.

We personally think it’s looking great but we won’t know until we have a chance to see the final complete version when it launches on 1st March, 2014. Still no sign of Jiji which we’re not a fan of but hopefully he’ll turn up in the next trailer.

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