New Smartphone App to Help You Stay Healthy

Being a gamer, it’s always hard to find the time, or motivation, to get off the couch and stay fit with some healthy exercise. Well now there’s a new app which aims to change that and be engaging at the same time. The app made for smartphones is part of the Burn Fat With Me series and it comes to us from Creative Freaks. The app outlines its mission to supply “moétivation” to enable you to become a healthier otaku.

This new app has just hit Japan following the earlier releases in the same series which seemed to strike a chord with gamers. The app is aimed at joggers or people who like to run by having a virtual female to keep you company in the exercises. Using your device’s in-built GPS, she’ll be able to keep track of your progress and offer encouraging words of advice to keep you motivated. The app will chart your progress with graphs and charts as well as offering some running contests against friends to get the best time. The app also allows you to exercise to your own music and playlists for that extra attention to detail.

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