Airport carousel art. Only in Japan.

Picking up your luggage at the airport can sometimes be stressful especially when you’re waiting after a long flight and then get paranoid when you don’t see it on the carousel. It normally turns up on the carousel when you least expect but now the wait can be a bit more easier with some cool distractions.

Various airports in Japan have now started to display pieces of eye catching art to make the wait easier and more pleasant for the weary traveller.

asahikawa 1 asahikawa 2


Asahikawa Airport advertising for the Asahikawa Zoo.

toyama 1


Toyama Kitokito Airport promoting the fresh clean ocean waters of Toyama.

okayama 1

Okayama Airport with Momotaro, the story of the child hero born from a peach began back in Okayama. Here he is holding a sticky rice cake, a delicacy the area is renowned for.

yonago 1

Yonago Kitaro Airport features the eyeball from Gegege no Kitaro, which features Medama no Oyaji as the main character with a normal sized eye and the body fit down to size to fit underneath it.

takamatsu 1


Takamatsu Airport features Udon which considering the area lately has been promoting it, it’s no real surprise to see it at the airport.

nagasaki 1 nagasaki 2 nagasaki 3


Nagasaki Airport featuring “toyonoka” strawberries and mikan oranges, which is something Nagasaki is famous for. And also loquats, they’re the number producer in Japan.

oita 1 oita 2

Oita Airport shows off some tuna and shrimp sushi to get your taste buds in the mood.

miyazaki 1 miyazaki 2 miyazaki 3 miyazaki 4 miyazaki 5 miyazaki 6

Miyazaki Airport showing what they’re well known for, being a highly productive agricultural prefecture with mangos and a huge model of a chunk of beef, black pumpkins, hyuganatsu, mikans and green peppers. This area has it all.

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