Evangelion trading cards out now

Brand new trading card sets featuring Evangelion have just been released by Bandai Candy Toy. The cards are called “Neon Genesis Evangelion Wafers Comic Special” and feature artwork from the comic that ran in the monthly publication, “Young Ace”.

eva cards 1

The cards come packaged in a chocolate wafer pack with amazing artwork on the cards done by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, rounding off the package is a foil wrapping. The set encompasses 41 cards which features 13 cards featuring the artwork from all the manga volumes, 11 visual cards which shows the art from the inner covers of the first 11 volumes of the popular manga, 8 character cards showing off the different characters, another 8 cards with art from past posters of “Young Ace” and a special 1 card which is a “Young Ace Collaboration Card” containing Asuka in her school uniform.

eva cards 2

Collecting them all will be a hard task with each pack containing only 1 card and a delicious chocolate wafer retailing for ¥105.

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