Pikachu 3DS XL And White Headed To Europe

We previously covered the very awesome looking Pikachu 3DS XL model that was released in Japan and the mayhem that ensued for people to grab one. Meanwhile gamers outside Japan were maybe a tad envious of this and put it in the basket of fantastic things that Japan gets but never leaves to penetrate the Western world.

Well, we can say that the Pikachu 3DS XL model will be coming to Europe as well as the White 3DS XL model which is great news for fans in Europe but just as good for Australia as we form part of the European market for games meaning there’s every chance Australia will be getting it as well.

Keep in mind there’s always the slim chance that it will release in Europe and that’s all but usually when console/games release in Europe, Australia ends up getting it as well. No news however on Nintendo fans in The United States being so fortunate as yet but fingers crossed.

No date when this is happening but we’ll keep you posted!

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