Guild 01 Games Make Move To 3DS For West

Exciting development with the news that prolific developer, Level-5, is bringing the Guild-01 to the Western world courtesy of the 3DS eShop. The Guild 01 games consist of a series of mini games produced by some of the best minds in the video games industry. One of the more amazing titles is Liberation Maiden from Suda51 who also brought the world No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw, both awesome, over the top games.

There are also contributions from Yoot Saito (Seaman), Japanese comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai and Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics). Originally released in Japan as four games, three of the games will be released over a period of time on the eShop. Aero Porter from Yoot Saito will be released in November while Crimson Shroud from Yasumi Matsuno will be making an appearance in December.

Check out the trailer below for more info and more footage of the other games, looking like an exciting couple of months ahead!

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