Review: G-Dragon “One Of A Kind”

G-Dragon, the eponymous leader of K-Pop super group, Bigbang, launches his second foray into solo territory with the release of, “One of a kind”, the first track released from his upcoming second album of the same name.

The amazing new track plays host to a thumping hip hop bass line with a gritty rap tone giving the listener a new insight to G-Dragon’s creative mind. This release is vastly different from, “Heartbreaker”, his first solo album which tended to stay within the safe confines of pop music. His collaboration album with fellow Bigbang member, TOP, also straddled this same line but with this release, we’re able to see how he has grown as an artist, experimenting with a new style which he manges to bring all together in an impressive package.

The track does bear some resemblance to early 90’s G-Funk sound pioneered by American stars, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G, but that’s where the similarities end as the track takes its own path and never imitates those artists. The track is basically G-Dragon announcing to everyone his merits and how he’s a force to be reckoned with, here to stay. Ripping out lyrics such as, “Because I’m different, that’s just me”, “Because people go crazy over anything I do”, he knows the effect he has on fans. From his beliefs to his music and industry recognised fashion sense, G-Dragon acknowledges all this without sounding pompous, merely thankful for his status.

This track may take some people a couple of listens to get into but make no mistake, you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice by not giving this a go, this is G-Dragon in fine form creating new sounds with lyrics as only he can. If you watch the MV, another Bigbang member, Taeyang, makes a cameo appearance right at the end which is great to see.

“Because I’m different, that’s just me”, yes G-Dragon, he definitely is.

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Highly impressive first release from the eagerly awaited second album, get onto it! 

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  • Princess Laucha

    Wow! Excellent review. It took me a few listens. To be honest I kept playing the vid because of the cute baby tiger…but then the song grew on me and now I love it!