Metal Gear Takes Over Roppongi

Earlier in the week, we reported about the celebrations taking part in Midtown Tokyo for the 25th anniversary proceedings for Metal Gear Solid, today we hear about the happenings around Roppongi for the same celebrations. Tokyo Midtown, the building that Konami calls home, appears to have been taken over by MGS advertising material with the first basement floor and the nearby Oedo Roppongi Station being covered in MGS signs and posters.

The basement has no less than 22 posters on the surrounding walls and columns while the Oedo Roppongi Station also has signs on the escalator walls revolving around the classic Metal Gear series packaging. The posters and signs will stay in place until September 2nd. The party for the Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary event will be taking place on August 30 from 2:00PM til 6:00PM and general admission was via a raffle system so if you don’t have an invite by now, you would have missed out.

There will still be fun events that you can take part in on the day though, one of the events being the “Real Camouflage Event” which will run from 11:00AM until 6:00PM. People taking part will need to search the area for real life “camouflage artists.” If you’re lucky enough to find one, simply take a picture of them, present it to the staff at the Midtown Konami Style shop and for your efforts, you’ll receive an original Metal Gear sticker. You’ll also be entered in the draw to win one of 100 Metal Gear 25th Anniversary original t-shirts, sweet deal.

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