Capcom Talk Digital Releases For Wii U & 3DS

Ever wondered why Nintendo platforms seem to be missing out on a heap of Marvel Versus titles that seem to plague other systems? Christian Svensson, who happens to be Capcom’s VP, was recently quoted as saying that one of the main reasons is that both Xbox 360 and PS3 have a digital download path in place but that Nintendo platforms have a few as yet unannounced releases coming to them.

“It’s not some sort of spite thing. It’s just that on current generation consoles, the most sizable base of active digital consumers has been on the X360 and PS3. Bear in mind, this game was green lit more than a year ago when I did the deal with Marvel.”

“Don’t worry though, on some future unannounced Capcom projects, Nintendo platforms will get digital love from us.”

Well this sounds promising, who’s up for a Marvel fighter on the 3DS or Wii U? Umm, yes please.

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