Wii U Dev Kits Speculation

All the various developers who plan on making games for Nintendo’s next gen console, the Wii U, have received their development kits to get their heads around and start seeing what they console will be capable of.

Wee, as with everything of this nature, it doesn’t take long before there’s a leak and tidbits of information start coming out about what the unit could be able to do.

  • Video Chat is available, but must be from the main menu of the system (not while playing a game).
  • Voice Commands are available (similar to this rumor we heard about the 3DS maybe?)
  • Facial Recognition (similar to features of the Xbox Kinect)
  • Ability to suspend games, similar to 3DS.
  • Ability to share achievements with friends by sending videos or screenshots with drawings on them.
  • Watch a friend play online
  • Multitasking (example: keep a text or video walkthrough open from the site while playing the game, swap back and forth as needed)

Takes these with a grain of salt as they are just rumours and it could be a developer getting a little over excited? But the points in bold seem to be the most likely to be true, according to the source of the rumours.

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