Japan News – 7th Edition

After an all too long hiatus, Japan News returns with some of the best on the net from the Land of the Rising Sun, take it away!

Special day today in Japan with the coming of the annual Solar Eclipse captured on film by some citizens and posted all over YouTube. The event happened this morning at 7:30AM and required the use of special glasses for the viewing but judging by the footage below, it was worth it.



Truly stunning stuff, next we move onto a beloved statue in the town of Hokuei situated in the prefecture of Tottori. The statue is of the extremely popular fictional character, Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga series. The town erected the statue in homage of being the birthplace of the detective but vandals have been at work and defaced the bronze statue.

As you can see from the news report, the magnifying glass once held in the detective’s hand has been completely snapped off but this isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in 2007, the statues were defaced in the same manner, all up they’ve been defaced nine times with costs escalating up to ¥3,500,000 or $USD44, 000…ouch!


Cat lovers have a new place to come together and discuss all things felines with the opening of a cafe called Cafe Neko (cat) in downtown Vienna. The Japanese style cafe was opened by a Japanese woman, who happens to also be a resident of Vienna, named Takako Ishimitsu. The 47 year old was in discussions with city officials for over three years regarding hygiene issues before they allowed her to open the cafe which is her effort at bringing some Japanese culture to the city.


Following on from our recent article about Sadako, the scary girl from The Ring movies appearing at a baseball game, she’s now traveling through the streets of Tokyo still promoting the new Ring movie, Sadako 3D, and in a completely larger than life manner.

And it wasn’t enough with the car doing the rounds, they also had people in costume walking the streets of Shibuya as part of the promotions…terrifying stuff.


That’s all for this time, see you soon with more unique news from Japan!

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