New Screenshots & Updated Roster For Project X Zone

Epic brawler for the Nintendo 3DS from three heavyweights in Japan, Project X Zone, has some beautiful new screenshots released for it plus your look at the updated roster so you can track of the characters that seem to be multiplying all the time!


Leanne – Resonance Of Fate
Zephyr – Resonance Of Fate
Sakura Shinguji – Sakura Wars
Ichiro Ogami – Sakura Wars
Erica – Sakura Wars
Gemini – Sakura Wars
Toma – Shining Force EXA
Cyrille – Shining Force EXA
Ulala – Space Channel 5
Kurt Irving – Valkyria Chronicles 3
Riela Marcellis – Valkyria Chronicles 3
Akira Yuki – Virtua Fighter
Pai Chan – Virtua Fighter
Bruno – Dynamite Deka / Die Hard Arcade

Demitri Maximoff- Darkstalkers
Hsien-Ko – Darkstalkers
Morrigan – Darkstalkers
Frank West – Dead Rising
Dante – Devil May Cry
Alisa – God Eater
Soma – God Eater
X – Mega Man X
Zero – Mega Man X
Chris Redfield – Resident Evil
Jill Valentine – Resident Evil
Ryu – Street Fighter
Ken – Street Fighter
Chun Li – Street Fighter

Kite – .hack
BlackRose – .hack
Sanger Zonvolt – Super Robot Wars
Yuri Lowelle – Tales Of Vesperia
Estelle – Tales Of Vesperia
Jin Kazama – Tekken
Lin Xiaoyu – Tekken
KOS-MOS – Xenosaga
T-elos – Xenosaga
Valkyrie – Valkyrie no Bouden
Nunbu – Mugen Frontier Super Robot Wars
Haken – Mugen Frontier Super Robot Wars

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