Another Record Smashed By The 3DS

And in yet another case of, ‘How does it do it?’, the 3DS has completely obliterated yet another sales record for the month of December 2011. Enterbrain is reporting that for December, the 3DS sold, hold onto your hats, 1,492,931! Say whaaa….t?!? Since Enterbrain started keeping stats on sales back in 1997, this is the highest sales figure ever for any product for one month.

The period covers from November 28 though to December 25 and just to prove it isn’t a flash in the pan, Enterbrain reports that the 3DS has claimed the top spot in sales for the past seven months on the trot.

The PS Vita was the second highest selling for the month of December shifting 402,794 units.

So much for the 3DS having a lacklustre launch with no software.

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