Nintendo Direct Update – 3DS Firmware Update News

Nintendo Direct Update – 3DS Firmware Update News

One of the juicer topics at the Nintendo Direct conference was news about the upcoming firmware update, due in November, which will introduce 3D video to the handheld’s arsenal. But what about the other features? Well, hit up the list below, courtesy of Tiny Cartridge.

November’s 3DS Firmware Update

  • Coming out at the end of November.
  • Movie recording
    • Record up to 10 minutes of video.
    • Options to adjust playback speed and shoot stop motion clips.
  • StreetPass additions
    • New dungeon in Find Mii for 3DS owners who’ve beaten the first one. Features two-character attacks, new monsters, and new backgrounds (presumably new treasures, too).
    • New Puzzle Swap puzzles —  Donkey Kong Country puzzle shown.
    • StreetPass Mii Plaza has a new interactive map that shows what areas people are from.
  • Transfer software from one 3DS to another.
  • Unspecified eShop improvements planned.

The interactive map sounds like a great idea…I know I have heaps of tourists on my 3DS and it’d be great to see where I collected them from 🙂

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