Team Play For Ridge Racer Vita

Team Play For Ridge Racer Vita

Namco today unveiled some news on Ridge Racer for the Vita. We knew that it was going to feature online play, nothing new there, but what they threw in today was that team battles are going to be possible on the racing franchise. Racers around the world will be able to split into four teams for daily “missions” where you’ll be able to build up your rep and your skills.

Based on your skill level will determine who you go up against in either ghost races or against real players, the skill level will be used to make sure that it’s a fair contest for everyone.

Ridge Racer is a launch title for the Vita and will be available on December 17 in Japan.

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  • James

    The first Ridge Racer for the PSP was in my opinion the best in the series. I hope the Vita followup is an evoloution of that play style! Does anyone have any thoughts on Ridge Racer for the 3DS? I am yet to play it.

    • I agree, RR on the PSP was a great example of a racer done right on a handheld. Good cars with some memorable tracks and tight competitions. And who can forget the Pac-Man car? Classic šŸ™‚ I hope the Vita version builds on this as I found RR2 a tad underwhelming and not the evolution I thought it would be but still fun nonetheless šŸ™‚

      RR on the 3DS is a welcome addition to the family and a far sight better than RR on the DS which had ugly visuals and tracks which grew boring after a while šŸ™ Racing fans should give RR on the 3DS a look, worthwhile IMO.

      And thanks for the comment, James šŸ™‚