Ice White 3DS Hi Res Shots

I posted recently about the new release of the Ice White colour for the Nintendo 3DS. Today I have glorious high res shots for your enjoyment. Click on the pics below to get the full, high resolution, image.






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  • Zarah

    Hey, I was wondering if there is any known news about the possible release date for the icy white 3ds in the UK?..if there is a release date for Japan is it possible if I can find out an estimated release date for Europe/UK?.
    Thanks xx

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment 🙂 To answer your question, while the Ice White 3DS goes on sale in Japan on the 3rd of November 2011, there are no plans at this time to release it outside of Japan 🙁 We’ve already seen the Flame Red edition as has the UK and remember the DS Lite ended up being released in every colour under the sun across most parts of the world so fingers crossed NOJ will see fit to release more colours outside of Japan 🙂