3DS Still Riding High In Japan

The sales figures for the week ending September 4 are in and the 3DS is still sitting pretty at the top of the hardware charts in Japan. Since the price drop in August, sales have picked up however the latest figures show that the units shifted has dropped slightly from previous weeks. The 3DS sold 54,744 units while the PS3 managed 33,831 units, the PSP 30,192 units sold and the Wii in last place with 11,606 units sold.

The software front tells a different tale with the number one spot occupied by Grand Knights History for the Sony PSP with a healthy 64,630 sales copies sold.

For the complete list, check the chart below.

01. Grand Knights History (Marvelous)
02. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (Capcom)
03. Everyone’s Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo)
04. Samurai Warriors 3 Empires (Tecmo Koei)
05. Devil Survivor Over Clock (Atlus)
06. Atsumete! Kirby (Nintendo)
07. Corpse Party Book Of Shadows (5pb)
08. Mobile Suit Gundam New Gihren’s Ambition (Namco Bandai)
09. Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village G (Capcom)
10. Dynasty Warriors 7 Special (Tecmo Koei)

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