Hatsune Miku In 7th Dragon 2020 Trailer

A new Hatsune Miku appearance in the trailer for 7th Dragon 2020 just debuted online 48 hours ago. Just a quick catch up, in case you don’t know, 7th Dragon 2020 is a PSP game which serves as a sequel to an earlier Nintendo DS RPG title called, 7th Dragon, about dragons that have invaded Tokyo without warning, sounds like an awesome concept 🙂 And to top it off, the dragons cometh from outer space…sweet! As a result, Tokyo ends up covered in flowers making it uninhabitable, this is where you come in. You’ll be part of a team called Murakumo tasked with ridding the city of the dragons. The game is being developed by Imageepoch which readers may recognise as also developing Black Rock Shooter for the PSP, great pedigree in charge of an exciting game. Miku comes into all this be being the singer of the theme which as you would expect, is extremely catchy and likable. Screen shots of the game and the trailer sung by Miku can be found below.



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