World Cosplay For Japan Quake

Recently China, Malaysia, Mexico and the Netherlands sent representatives from the World Cosplay Summit to the Japanese Foreign Ministry. The aim was to show support for the victims and families of the quake that devastated Japan on March 11 and the followup tsunami that destroyed entire villages.



Through  Mainichi Daily News, the following article was posted:

Deng Yaqian, a Chinese representative who was dressed as a character in the sci-fi animation “Macross Frontier,” quoted a Chinese saying that good things happen after a natural disaster. “Hang in there with courage,” she said.

Diana De Mol of the Netherlands, who was in a costume resembling a character from the Japanese comic and animation “Fullmetal Alchemist,” said, “I was really shocked to see images from your earthquake. I was really worried about my cosplay friends in Japan.”

She expressed admiration for the strength of Japanese people “to build everything up again” and said, “Japan did really a great job.”

TV Aichi were the sponsors of the worldwide cosplay competition with the finals to be held this weekend just gone past, winners will posted shortly!

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