Monster Hunter HD Site Goes Live

Monster Hunter HD Site Goes Live

Following on from the recent news that Sony are planning to release an HD version of some select games, with the first game to receive the treatment being Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the site went live a couple of days ago in Japan advertising a few of the unique features. There are features that will also be integrated into the other games in the PSP HD series, Metal Gear HD with Peacewalker being one of them. For more info, in Japanese, the site can be found here.


The first feature is you can now save your game and take it on the go meaning you can play it on your PS3, copy the save game to your PSP and keep playing on the move. Nice.

Another great addition is through Ad Hoc, you’ll be able to play other players locally with other PSP owners.

And lastly, by utilising Ad Hoc again, you’ll be able to play with hunters across the country as well as use voice and text chat, another handy addition.

As with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd being released in Australia, we’ll just have to wait and see as it took quite a while for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd to be released here as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite so fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer.

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